I tried this: Nordic Stone Age Bread

I found a recipe for Nordic Stone Age Bread and had to try it.  The result?

nordic stone age bread

Um, this is very pretty. The smell was so aromatic that I didn’t wait for this to cool; I just tucked right in, topping my slice with a dollop of cream cheese.

It was a little crumbly, but I suspect that that’s because I didn’t let it cool. <.< A visit to the loaf about an hour later revealed that the loaf had firmed up considerably.

How does it taste? Nutty. Not sweet. Not sour. Just nutty. With the spread cream cheese on top, it was a super-fatty indulgence. Just… wham pow bam, here comes the fat.

And it was super filling. A slice filled me up and left me full. Not in the “I have willpower” way, in the “I am stuffed” kind of way.

I’m seeing this marketed to the paleo crowd, and that makes sense. But I think this would make a lovely offering at a party or a potluck – it’s beautiful and unusual. If it ends up slicing well (now that it’s cooled) it might be nice with a tray of gooey, stinky cheeses and/or fruit.